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T H E   A W A K E N I N G   Y O U R   C O S M I C   H E A R T
  T O U R . . .

Beloved Taweh  (Kate Beloved)  is a Visionary, Crystal Sound Weaver, Speaker for Unseen Realms, Grid Talker, Intuitive Soul Artist and Spirit Dancer whose delight is Activating "Sleeping" Souls.
Serving as an Angelic Messenger and Messenger for Unseen Realms, she gives transmission from the Heart of The Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm as she facilitates Cosmic Heart Activations through Divine Crystal Sound Activations using Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning/Vocal Harmonics, Light Language, Native Flute, and Xylophones.

In 2013, Spirit invited Beloved to spread her wings beyond Central Florida and Asheville, NC and go "on the road" with THE AWAKENING YOUR COSMIC HEART TOUR.  She has been awakening and delighting audiences ever since. If you would like to bring Beloved to your area, you may contact her directly 407-718-1087 or  by


W H A T    P E O P L E    S A Y
"I remember the first time I heard Beloved’s Crystal Bowls and her toning. The vibration, the sound, the energy of the bowls and the intuitive way Beloved is letting them sing is simply beautiful and I had never experienced anything like it. 
When I opened The Salt Spa of Asheville one of the first events that I offered was Halo Sound Meditation with Beloved. The sound of the bowls and the Himalayan Salt Crystals in our Salt Therapy Room are a harmonious combination and highly energetic and healing.
Events with Beloved are booked out in advance and enjoyed by everybody. I truly recommend Beloved’s Crystal Bowl Sound Meditations. Healing Sound is very therapeutic and nurturing, not just for the senses but our physical and spiritual being as well. "


~ Ines Clark, Owner of The Salt Spa of Asheville

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