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Gong and Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

An Experience in Sacred Healing Sound with Two of the Most Ancient Healing Tools

 Gong & Crystal Singing Bowls
with Crystal Sound Weaver / Bowl Master, Beloved Ad Sach Kaur

and Gong Master, Siri Beant Singh (Bob Bauer)

Dear Heart, thank you for joining us in this powerful experience combining two of the most ancient tools for healing, divine connection and energetic coherence... 

We are honored to share this time of deep healing sound with you.

May Your Heart Be Filled to Overflowing and May You Awaken Each and Every One You Meet.

 Beloved Ad Sach Kaur


  Bob Siri Beant Singh

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Our Event Flow

We begin our journey together as Beloved invites us to come into this moment…into this sacred space… to sit in this presence of yoga. Playing a magnificent gemstone bowl of imperial topaz, Beloved asks us to connect to our breath, connect to our souls and open our hearts to receive as we ride the Sacred Sound Current… the Naad. Soon we feel the energy begin to shift… outside stress fades away…  we have come into this moment … this breath… this centeredness.  Bringing our hands to heart center, together, we tune in through the chanting of Ong Namo…  "I bow to the Divine Teacher within."

We have begun our journey together!  

Once connected to the Divine Teacher within, Siri Beant leads us through a pranayam connecting ous to one another and to our beaautiful SoulHeart. When our Heart connection is complete, we are invited to lie down on our mats covering ourselves with our blankets whilst Beloved continues to guide us through a short relaxation… Coming fully into Savasana, our soul attunement deepens as we experience the sacred sound of Bob's Gongs and Beloved's Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Light Language Transmissions from the Heart of the Divine Mother and Vocal Harmonics. 

Lying on our mats, tucked under a blanket, Beloved invites us to surrender and receive the ancient wisdom and alchemical healing frequencies of gemstones, crystals and elements from her bowls and voice combined with the powerful sacred sound current of the Naad.

As we relax in this gong and crystal sound bath, vibrations resonate the fluids in our bodies, bloodstream, organs and bone structure returning our bodies, minds and spirits to a more balanced, natural flow of energy. Bio sonic sine waves vibrate each and every cell of our bodies into perfect harmonic resonance. Stress, restriction and everything that no longer serves melts away as we realize vibrant health, deeper connection, higher vibration and expanded awareness. This is a blissful state of gratitude and joy ... an experience of Oneness.

When Siri Beant and his gongs and Beloved and her crystal singing bowls have completed their song, we remain in stillness. Soon we begin to hear the clear tones of bamboo flute as it gently fills the ethers until once again Beloved speaks to us, calling us back into our glorious physical bodies temples….

 Once fully present again, Beloved invites us to come into seated position to prepare for our Water Ceremony. Chanting the water mantra continues the sound work begun by the crystal singing bowls and gongs... opening the meridians in our palate, vibrating our bones and organs and expanding the frequencies of the field as we radiate sound and sacred words.
Allowing the mantra to move from sound into silence we feel the sacred words flowing within us as we sit in the high frequency of the sound current…

Returning slowly from our internal silence to our physical body temples we sip a bit of water… aware of the feel of the water on our tongues… in our palates… aware of the texture… aware of the taste.    
At the completion of our Water Ceremony, Siri Beant invites us to come back into our group collective as we bring our hands to prayer at our heart center, completing today’s delicious ride on the glorious sacred sound current with “Longtime Sun”.
Our evening ends with blessings for us, the planet and the whole of life. We are now ready to open our sacred space, leave this sacred gathering and shine our magnificent SoulLight on each and every one we meet. 

May the longtime sun shine upon you 
All love surround you.
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.
Sat Nam

Beloved's Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Beloved’s Concerts, Meditations and Retreats feature the powerful vibrational frequencies and sound technology of her Vocal  Harmonics, Light Language Transmissions from the Heart of the Divine Mother, Messages from the Angelic Realm

and Resonance of her  Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls are powerful sonic instruments producing harmonic vibrations that resonate the fluids in our bodies, bloodstream, organs and bone structure.  This results in the return of body, mind and spirit to a more balanced, natural flow of energy.
When one relaxes and absorbs these sound frequencies, the results are beautiful, transformational, and much more.

Individually created, each Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowl has its own unique qualities and sound frequencies.
 Ask Beloved and she’ll tell you, “These living bowls are awesome awakeners and Master Teachers. They seem to know exactly what is needed in the moment. Each attunement and musical piece is different ~ I never know what to expect. I just feel so very blessed to hold space for these amazing beings!  I don’t know where the bowls stop and I begin. We are so much a part of one another!”

Meet Beloved Ad Sach Kaur
Crystal Sound Weaver/Bowl Master

Crystal Sound Weaver / Bowl Master Beloved

Beloved Ad Sach Kaur (whose name means Warrior of Light - True From The Beginning - Lioness of the Divine) is a Visionary, Crystal Sound Weaver, Speaker for Unseen Realms, Intuitive Soul Artist and Spirit Dancer whose delight is Activating "Sleeping" Souls.

Serving as an Angelic Messenger and Messenger for Unseen Realms, she gives transmission from the Heart of The Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm as she facilitates Divine Crystal Sound Activations using Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning/Vocal Harmonics, and Native Flute.


In other times Beloved has been called by many names, Priestess, Medicine Woman, Shaman. Whatever name you are most comfortable using, she is an adept at creating

the sacred container, the temple, the grove and holding that sacred space. Once in her loving energetic embrace she invites you to dive deep into your explorations… loosen your bonds and step into the Magic Temple that is you...

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Siri Beant's Gongs

One of the earliest theraputic instruments, gong is ideal for stress reduction, physical relief, emotional release and balance, and to assist spiritual growth. The gong releases tension and blocks in the body, stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous systems, increases prana and imporves circulation.

Meet Siri Beant Singh (Bob Bauer)
Gong Master

Gong Master 
Siri Beant Singh (Bob Bauer)
Long Time Sun Yoga and Welness 

Siri Beant attended his first yoga class in early 2000 as a way to offset physical stressors of a daily long distance running routine. In 2003 he attended his first Kundalini class with Sierra Hollister. Through her guidance and inspiration, he learned of the teachings of Yoga Bhajan. As his desire to learn  continued to grow, n August 2008

he completed the Level I KRI Immersion course held in Espanola, N.M. After returning from N.M he immediately began sharing the teachings with students at various locations in WNC. Over the course of the following five years he completed the five KRI level II courses. “I am compelled by these teachings to continue to grow and prosper on a personal level, and share and inspire others to do the same”.

While attending Kundalini Teacher training in the moiuntains of New Mexico., Siri Beant first experienced the vibrational resonance of the gong in August 2008.  " As I lay there feeling the energy move over me, my first thought was".  This is amazing, I want to share this with others!   Upon Siri's return home, he began to research the history and healing effects of this ancient sound healing tool.  Beginning in 2009, with a collection of a symphonic, Lunar and Mercury Gongs, Siri Beant began to share the love and healing of  effects of this magical instrument of the heart. In 2015 Siri Beant completed Crown of Eternity's Gong Resonance Therapy Training.

Gong On!

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Websites.                                                               FaceBook                          

Riding the Sacred Sound Current ~ Gong and Bowl Sound Immersion Dates / Venues


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2016 (11/11)  7 PM - 9 PM

Long Time Sun Yoga & Wellness
1611 Charlotte Highway
Fairview NC 28730

$25.00  Ticket Info  828 712 8001

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407-718-1087 Mobile  

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