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March 18 - March 20, 2016
Key West, FL USA

"Awakening Your DivineVoice ~ Singing Your Siren Song"

I am so honored to be co-facilitating a Spring Equinox Dolphin Mermaid Experience AWAKENING YOUR DIVINE VOICE: SINGING YOUR SIREN SONG; An experience in Crystal Sound, Water Play & Ceremony also co-facilitated by Captain Victoria, the Dolphin Whisperer of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters.


This powerful experience is limited to 6 women! 


Our magical Spring Equinox Dolphin Mermaid adventure is filled with high frequency crystal sound, activities and tools to Awaken Your Divine Voice to Your Siren's Song... Connect to the powerful energies and sound frequencies of Dolphins in the Wild... Experience Snorkeling in the paradise of Key West, Florida USA... Enjoy a Watsu Ocean Float while feeling the Sound Vibrations


of Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls... Receive Language of Light Transmissions and Messages from Unseen Realms as we share Teachings and Ceremony, including Beloved's Divine Crystal Sound Activations, and Sacred Water Blessing Ceremony.


On land, we will gather in the sacred space of Sea Priestess Sanctuary for ceremony. Friday evening we will honor the shift of season through our Vernal (Spring) Equinox Ceremony, so be sure to bring your finest Goddess/Mermaid garb! And of course, a Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowl Cosmic Heart Activation is always part of these delicious ceremonies!


Your facilitators of this yummy retreat of Dolphins, Crystal Sound and Ceremony are Crystal Sound Weaver, Messenger from Unseen Realms, Spirit Dancer, and co-creator of The Beloved Waters Project, Kate "Beloved" (Kate Beloved Levensohn) and Captain Victoria Impallomeni, the Dolphin Whisperer of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters. 


This is one event you will certainly not want to miss!  Again, we have space for just 6 beautiful goddesses! Please, we encourage you to register EARLY as lodging space fills up very, very quickly in the magical paradise of Key West Florida, USA.





























































































O u r  F a l l  R e t r e a t  2 0 1 5


About This Wild Women Retreat

Who are you, Wild Woman? Where did you come from? Where are you going? What are you ready to surrender? What are you creating?

In this powerful retreat you are asked to accompany Beloved as she invites you into the depths of your own magic, meeting your Divine Self as you dive deep into your inner being, touching your soul through sound and movement. Our retreat days are filled with experiences to meet, explore and fall in love with your Wild Woman! Our nights are filled with ceremony honoring this season's important turning of the wheel ~ Fall Equinox ~ and the first Full Moon of Autumn!

  • In this Sacred Circle, you will be held in Sacred Time inviting you into Sacred Presence.

  • In this Sacred Space, we will hold one another as sisters, honoring and supporting each sister on her journey of self-exploration.

  • In this Sacred Time Together, we use the tools of sound an movement, exploring our Sacred Selves.

Oh my! Dear Hearts ~ Could there be a more powerful time to come together? We open our circle still in the energies of the Equinox (Fall for those of us in the Eagle Hemisphere of the North, Spring Equinox for our sisters in the Condor's Southern Hemisphere) which occurs on September 23, and we close this Wild Woman circle in the frequencies of Luna's Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, September 27! ~ Powerful Times, Dear Sisters!

Calling all Goddesses, Priestesses, Galactic Sisters, Faerie's, Magdalenes. Calling all Sisters, Mothers, Daughters! Come awaken your Wild Woman while experiencing the delicious magic of fall in the Blue Mountains of North Carolina! 


September 25 - September 27 2015
Illuminated Heart Sanctuary at Isis Cove
In the Beautiful Blue Mountains of North Carolina  USA

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