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W o u l d  Y o u  L i k e  Y o u r  O w n
  C r y s t a l  B o w l ?

Dear Heart, I began my journey with these amazing Crystal Bowl Beings in 2010. As a Crystal Tones endorsed Bowl Master, I also serve as Steward of Sounds of Awakening Divine Crystal Sound Temple.


It is my passion and honor to serve you in awakening YOUR Cosmic Heart through Sounds of Awakening Divine Crystal Sound. 


I am available to intuitively connect with  The Divine Crystal Grid, Divine Crystal Sound Current and YOU to assist you in finding your perfect Crystal Bowls!


If you would like to talk about bringing Crystal Bowl Beings into your life please contact me:

 407-718-1087 Mobile or by E-mail. Please put Crystal Bowls in the subject line. 

Blessings Sweet One,  I am honored to serve you on YOUR Crystal Bowl Journey by assisting  you in selecting  your own magnificent Living Crystal Bowl Beings ! 
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