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A w a k e n i n g   Y o u r   D i v i n e   V o i c e

Playshop / Seminar / Retreat / Keynote

AWAKENING YOUR COSMIC HEART - AWAKENING YOUR DIVINE VOICE  is an exploration in Divine Sound facilitated by Crystal Sound Weaver/Messenger for Unseen Realms, Kate “Beloved” Taweh Ad Sach Kaur and her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.


Beloved offers three explorations in Divine Sound:
  • Level 1 Discovering Your Divine Sound -  3-Hour Playshop

  • Level 2 Exploring Your Divine Voice -  1- Day Playshop

  • Level 3 Singing Your Divine Song  - 2- Day Retreat


Did you know we are Crystalline Beings who vibrate? Sound is vibrational frequency. And, according to Beloved, we are the most magnificent Sonic Beings in the Cosmos. Come allow Beloved to gently guide you as she invites you into your Cosmic Soul-Heart, inviting you to feel the magnificence of Your Loving Soul. Surrender as she helps you explore the realm of Your Sound…YOUR DIVINE VOICE.


Your Magnificent Divine Voice Is:
  • Your Divine Soul Sound

  • Your Personal Vibratory Signature

  • A Healer

  • The Authentic Expression of Your Soul

  • An Expression of Your Life Force

  • A Master Manifestor


Beloved is honored to serve you in awakening YOUR Cosmic Heart and YOUR Divine Voice.



This Awakening Your Divine Voice Experience Is For You If Your Heart's Desire Is to:
And This Awakening Your Divine Voice Experience Is For You If You Are:
  • Awaken Your Authentic Voice

  • Confidently Speak Your Truth

  • Communicate Through Your SoulHeart

  • Bring More Heart Into Your Teaching/Facilitating

  • Bring More SoulHeart into Your Performance

  • Learn to Vibrate the Frequencies, Intentional Sounding of Your Intentions

  • Learn to Use Your Voice As A Manifestation Tool

  • Confidently Participate in Community Singing (Kirtans, Religious, Sing-Alongs, Family Events etc)

  • A Beginner A Wanna-Be

  • An Inspirational Speaker, Workshop or Retreat Leader

  • Looking to Radiate More Soul Heart through Your Authentic Soul Voice

  • A Singer Looking for Confidence to Speak Your Truth

In each AWAKENING YOUR COSMIC HEART – AWAKENING YOUR DIVINE VOICE experience, Beloved uses Divine Crystal Sound Frequencies flowing through her Vocal Harmonics, Language of Light, Transmissions from the Heart of the Divine Mother, Angelic Realm and Unseen Realms together with the Crystal Vibrations of her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Native Flute, sharing her teachings as she guides us into our Cosmic Hearts, the Seed of True Soul Love.


As we surrender to Beloved’s invitation to trust, we open and find our voice coming from that secret place in our own self, as we allow this Sacred Alchemy to occur in the sparkling jewel of our Cosmic Heart… Radiating the essence of our being, we become the true instruments of Peace, Joy, and Divine Love.

Beloved is also honored to serve as steward to these magnificent Living Crystal Bowl Beings who unlock and decode information and wisdom from the quantum field through the expression of Divine Crystal Sound allowing this wisdom and information to be received into the third dimension.


For those wishing to host a Divine Sound event, or bring one to your area please contact Beloved  407-718-1087 Mobile or by E-mail.

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