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A w a k e n i n g   Y o u r   D i v i n e   V o i c e

Playshop / Retreat / Seminar / Keynote



Y o u r   V o i c e   I s

  • Your Divine Soul Sound

  • Your Personal Vibratory Signature

  • A Healer

  • The Authentic Expression of Your Soul

  • An Expression of Your Life Force

  • A Master Manifestor

AWAKENING YOUR COSMIC HEART - AWAKENING YOUR DIVINE VOICE  is an exploration in Sound facilitated by Crystal Sound Weaver/Messenger for Unseen Realms, Kate “Beloved”  Ad Sach Kaur and her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.
Did you know we are Crystalline Beings who vibrate?  Sound is vibrational frequency. And, according to Beloved, we are the most magnificent Sonic Beings in the Cosmos.  Come allow Beloved to gently guide you as she invites you into your Cosmic Soul-Heart, inviting you to feel the magnificence of Your Loving Soul. Surrender as she helps you explore the realm of Your Sound…YOUR DIVINE VOICE.



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