C h a n n e l e d   A rt

Blessings Dear Heart  ~ In late 2008 my primary guide, Archangel Ariel, invited me to begin creating Soul Art and Soul Portraits.

Each piece is a powerful energetic tool to assist you in awakening and attuning to the ever changing planetary frequencies. I sign my pieces ASK for my tantric name Ad Sach Kaur ~ True from the Beginning, Lioness of God  To view more art from Beloved

Readings thru Art

For your journey to Awakening Your Magnificent Soul II am honored to offer a variety of personalized readings and messages through art including Blessing Portraits, Soul Portraits, and Soul Mandalas

Readings through Art

Blessing Portraits

OOO I love this. After tuning in to the Angelic Realm, guides and teachers I create a painting for you as I'm giving  a reading! 



Soul Art
Attunements for the Collective Conscience

I create each piece intuitively. I have no idea what the canvas will be. When the painting is complete, I am given a title and a message from the Angelic Realm. If you are drawn to a particular piece it is because you need that attunement.

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